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The AVISA Smart Patients app is a digital solution that empowers doctors, patients, and hospitals. It is part of the AVISA platform, which aims to increase the visibility and patient acquisition of hospitals, as well as increase revenue by onboarding pharmacies and labs. The AVISA Smart Hospitals system uses innovative technology to improve care and create a smart environment within hospitals through Smart Health Card. The app allows patients to order medicines from home at any time.The AVISA platform is also involved in the future of health insurance and patient finance, using advanced analytics tools to collect and analyze large amounts of data about patients and healthcare services.


The AVISA Smart Patients app provides convenient and on-the-go access to critical hospital functions for doctors, patients, and hospitals. It offers an interactive digital interface for all the key participants of a healthcare setting, including hospitals, patients, and doctors. The app facilitates a transformative shift within the healthcare space through the power of technology integration, digitization, and automation. The AVISA platform enables hospitals to acquire new patients by promoting their services online and reach a wider audience. Patients can easily find and book appointments with hospitals, making it easier for them to access healthcare services.The app also offers remote patient monitoring for better assistance and improved patient journey.

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